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Hair Loss Retreatment Can Correct Artificial-looking Results

If you require hair loss retreatment after an old or poorly done procedure, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, based specialists Dr. Raymond J. Konior and Dr. Sahar Nadimi may be able to revise your results for a full, natural-looking head of hair. Dr. Konior has extensive training and experience in hair loss retreatment. Outdated treatments often produced artificial-looking results. With Dr. Konior’s skills, he can transform these dissatisfying results for a much more natural appearance. 

Who Is Hair Loss Retreatment For?

Hair loss retreatment is typically recommended for patients who received a now-outdated treatment or for those who are unhappy with the results of a more recent treatment. Doctors even just 10 years ago did not have the techniques and technology we have today. Dr. Konior can also provide hair loss retreatment for patients whose first procedure was poorly done. Surgeons who lack the necessary skills and experience commonly create such unsatisfactory results. Additionally, a technician rather than the surgeon performs many hair loss treatments, which can also produce results that are less than satisfactory. 

Most patients who come to Chicago Hair Institute for retreatment are unhappy with their initial results, either because the procedure was outdated or the procedure was not properly executed.

In some cases, Dr. Konior may not recommend retreatment. The most common reason for not performing retreatment is a lack of sufficient hair, or donor graft availability. In instances where the donor site is depleted, both the donor site and the hairline will require repair before retreatment is possible. Another reason Dr. Konior may not recommend retreatment is if scarring from follicular unit extraction (FUE) or strip harvesting has resulted in a lack of sufficient hair. In some cases, when there is not enough hair on the scalp, Dr. Konior can take hair from elsewhere on the body. 

Retreatment Consultation with Dr. Konior

Most patients who come to Chicago Hair Institute for retreatment are unhappy with their initial results, either because the procedure was outdated or the procedure was not properly executed. Thus, Dr. Konior typically begins every consultation by asking the patient to describe specifically what he or she is unhappy with. Some common reasons for dissatisfaction include hairline density, problems with over-harvesting, scarring, and widely set plugs. Based upon the patient’s goals for treatment and the specific problems, Dr. Konior can discuss the treatment approach that can best achieve the patient’s desired results. He will draft a customized blueprint for your treatment, which will include the specific treatment methods and a general timeline. 

Hair Loss Retreatment Timeline

Hair loss retreatment is a highly customized procedure. Because each treatment is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, no two procedures are alike. In addition, the patient’s budget, time constraints, and desired results will all impact his or her own treatment plan. The specific treatments required also play a factor in not only the customization of retreatment, but also the overall timeline. Some patients will require extractions, while others may require grafts. 

Retreatment can require as little as two to three procedures or as many as six procedures, and each of these procedures may differ from the other. One of the primary factors in determining the success of a specific procedure is that we must allow time for the hair to grow out. Depending on the total number of procedures required, this could create a treatment timeline of anywhere from just several weeks to a year or more. 

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Drs. Konior and Nadimi have the training and skills to provide patients with the best hair loss retreatment options available. Dr. Nadimi is currently working with an international specialist to expand our treatment options for women’s hair loss. If you are unhappy with the results of a previous hair loss treatment, contact Chicago Hair Institute today to schedule a consultation. 

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