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Hair Transplant Surgery and Bruising Around the Eyes: Is it Normal?

Our doctors at Chicago Hair Institute discuss hair transplant surgery and bruising around the eyes, in addition to other side effects.

Dr. Raymond Konior Jun 20, 2017

Hair Transplant Surgery Side Effects: Post-op Swelling

How common is swelling after hair transplant surgery? How long does it usually last? Find the answers to these and other questions in our latest…

Dr. Raymond Konior Jun 03, 2017

The Risk of Infection After Hair Transplant Surgery

Infection is a potential risk after hair restoration surgery. Let's consider potential causes as well as how you can avoid surgical complications.

Dr. Raymond Konior May 18, 2017

Hair Transplants and Bleeding: What Patients Should Know

Bleeding is a common side effect after hair transplant surgery, and it could be a potential complication for restoration patients.

Dr. Raymond Konior May 04, 2017

The Benefits of Dense-Pack Grafting

At Chicago Hair Institute, we can explain the benefits of dense-pack grafting and determine if patients are candidates for the procedure.

Dr. Raymond Konior Apr 18, 2017

Restoring Volume after Hair Loss Caused by Chemical Damage

At Chicago Hair Institute, patients can restore volume to their hair after suffering hair loss caused by chemical damage.

Dr. Raymond Konior Apr 03, 2017

Seven Hair Loss Retreatment Methods to Repair Older Techniques

Dr. Raymond J. Konior offers hair loss retreatment to repair older techniques that have caused poor and unnatural looking results for patients.

Dr. Raymond Konior Mar 20, 2017

Secondary Hair Transplants to Address Further Hair Loss

At the Chicago Hair Institute, patients can undergo a secondary hair transplant procedure if they experience further hair loss after their initial treatment.

Dr. Raymond Konior Mar 08, 2017

Avoiding Sun Exposure after Hair Transplant Surgery

We use advanced techniques and detailed post-operative instructions like avoiding sun exposure after hair transplant surgery to ensure success.

Dr. Raymond Konior Feb 20, 2017

Hair Loss and Hair Breakage: Understanding the Difference

Alopeica and hair breakage refer to difference types of hair loss and thinning. Let's go over the causes and discuss restoration treatments.

Dr. Raymond Konior Feb 04, 2017

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