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Hair Density

Reduced hair density is one of the key problems associated with hair loss.

Learning more about hair density and how to improve it is an important step to life-changing hair restoration. 

The renowned surgeons at the Chicago Hair Institute serving Chicago, IL, are here to empower patients struggling with low hair density. 

What Is Hair Density?


Hair density is the number of hair strands per square inch of the scalp. When it comes to transplantation, density refers to the number of grafts implanted per square centimeter in a transplanted zone. 

Why Is Hair Density Important?

Hair density is interpreted visually as how thick or thin a transplant zone appears. A number of physical and technical variables affect the appearance or "illusion" of density. Our team creates the illusion of density by surgically transplanting hair grafts to create the fullest look possible. 

It is important to understand the principles of density as the target density one desires will have implications regarding the number of grafts needed, the area that can be covered, and the donor site's ability to provide hair in the future. 

The Illusion of Density

Artistry Is Immensely Important

The primary goal for using follicular unit grafts is to assure a natural look, i.e. hair that does not look like it was transplanted. Another key goal of follicular unit grafting is the enhancement of density. Unfortunately, surgery can only replace a percentage of the lost hair for the majority of patients because of donor supply and technical limitations.

The experienced surgeon must use a smaller number of hairs to produce the fullest, most dense look possible. The creation of a full look by implanting hair at a relatively lower density is known as the "illusion of density." It is the artistry of the surgeon and the unique physical characteristics of the patient that allow the "illusion of density" to produce the fullest, most dense look possible.

Improve Your Hair Density With Us

The elite surgeons at the Chicago Hair Institute are at the very forefront of hair restoration. We are renowned for our ability to combat hair loss, promote hair growth, and restore hair density with a variety of advanced techniques.

Our hair experts offer preliminary virtual consultations. This option allows you to send photos of your scalp and hair for us to analyze before your in-person visit. These pictures save you time and give us a head start on planning your hair restoration. 

Our renowned surgeons perform every procedure themselves to ensure that each of our patients receives the highest level of care down to every hair follicle. The personalization of our procedures helps to achieve the best results possible. Simply call or write to us to request your consultation at our Oakbrook Terrace office. 

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Dr. Konior
Dr. Konior leads our highly-acclaimed hair density team.

Great Reviews for Our Density Experts


Brandon Owen


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I just got an FUE hair transplant with them and I am very happy with how the procedure went. Dr. Nadimi Was great. She really took the time to go over the whole procedure, the pros and cons and answer any questions I had. Nothing felt rushed... If you are considering a transplant, I would recommend Chicago Hair Institute.

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I give the highest marks possible to Dr. Sahar Nadimi and her staff. I'm from out of state and found the Chicago Hair Institute during a Google search, and I'm glad I did... My experience at the Chicago Hair Institute Clinic was A+++, and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone. Thank you.

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See Our Remarkable Results

Before transplant
After transplant
So many men and women contact us because we have proven our abilities time and again. This 31-year old patient came to us seeking  a high density frontal hairline. We placed a total of 2635 grafts, giving him incredible density and texture from his hairline to the back of the newly thick hair on his scalp. 

Determining Target Density

The target density for a particular surgery is based on your visual goals. Our experienced surgeons can determine what possibilities are available to you based on your hair type and specifics. 

Density considerations involve a balance between conserving donor hair for the future and the wisest use of donor hair to achieve goals and expectations for today. The last thing we want to do is unwisely deplete a donor area. We educate our patients so they can elect to use their donor resources responsibly to achieve the look of high density in each square inch of the scalp. 

Hair targeting

Key Density Details

Hair restoration injection

Cosmetically acceptable density varies from person to person. Graft number requirements for any given session are based on the grafting density performed and the size of the zone being grafted.

Generally, about 50% of the original density is needed to produce the appearance of high-density, thick hair. This requires approximately 40-50 grafts per square centimeter. 

Multiple sessions will likely be required to achieve the appearance of high density unless dense-packing is performed.

There Are Some Limitations  to Increasing Density

A man or woman's density potential is based on graft availability from the donor region. Donor hair supply typically diminishes with time, especially if the balding process has not stabilized and the pattern has the potential to advance with age.

Grafting to or beyond 50% density is not feasible for most patients with advanced balding patterns because of these limitations imposed by graft availability in the donor region.

There are also limits to the density of hair that can be planted in a zone with preexisting strands of thinning hair, since the risk of "shock loss" rises with increasing graft densities.

Density decreases as any number of grafts are spread over a larger area of the scalp. For example, doubling the recipient zone will decrease density by 50%. 

Our Chicago, IL, Team Helps All Hair Types


Cheryl Koby


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I would like to give the highest praise to Dr Sahar Nadimi and all of her staff. I was referred to Dr. Nadimi by a friend who saw her for a hair transplant and had excellent results. My friend's hair came out very natural-looking and full. 

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Vincent Vernet


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I will continue to seek consultation directly from Dr. Konior. As a true US leader in experience and expertise he sets the standard for a practice in this specialty.

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Dr. Raymond J. Konior, MD, FACS

Chicago Hair Institute

Dr. Raymond J. Konior and the team at the Chicago Hair Institute offer world-class treatment backed by over 30 years of expertise in the field of hair restoration. Our doctors are nationally affiliated with professional associations including:

  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

To learn more or to schedule an appointment at our Chicago, IL, hair restoration clinic, contact us online or call (630) 932-9690.

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