Rhinoplasty Facts: What a Nose Job Can and Cannot Fix By Sahar Nadimi on June 09, 2022

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The nose sits front and center on the face, making it one of the most notable features. Unfortunately, flaws with the nose's size, shape, or general appearance are difficult to conceal. People unhappy with their noses may consider rhinoplasty to address aesthetic flaws and improve facial proportions.

Dr. Sahar Nadimi of Chicago Hair Institute performs rhinoplasty to help her Chicago, IL, patients feel confident in their appearance. A rhinoplasty can correct numerous imperfections, but not all. Individuals considering rhinoplasty should know facts about what a nose job can and cannot fix so they have realistic expectations for surgical results.

What Can a Nose Job Do?

Every rhinoplasty procedure is customized to the patient’s unique needs and desires. Depending on the intended treatment goals, a nose job may reshape the nose’s bone, cartilage, or skin to eliminate blemishes and make it more proportionate or symmetrical.

Like any plastic surgery procedure, a nose job has limitations. However, there are several things a nose job can do to enhance a patient’s appearance, including:

  • Adjust the nasal bridge - The nasal bridge is the slope of the nose. Bumps or indentations in the bridge of the nose can draw unwanted attention and detract from a person’s natural beauty. A nose job can elevate, rebuild, or reduce the nasal bridge to make it smooth and even.
  • Adjust the nasal tip - The tip or bulb of the nose can be disproportionate to the nasal bridge. A large or bulbous tip can make the nose off-balance. During rhinoplasty, Dr. Nadimi can alter nose cartilage to create a smaller or more proportionate nasal tip.
  • Adjust nostril size - Nostrils that are too small or wide can make the nose look imbalanced. Rhinoplasty can remove tissue to help narrow wide nostrils or enlarge the opening of narrow nostrils by creating a flap of tissue.
  • Straighten a crooked nose - When a nose appears crooked, it is due to the underlying structure. Depending on what is causing the nose to go off-center, Dr. Nadimi can alter the nasal bones or cartilage by reducing or adding tissues.

What Can’t a Nose Job Do?

Rhinoplasty can address many types of flaws that affect the nose. Even minimal alterations can drastically improve the nose’s appearance and bring greater balance to facial features. While a nose job offers promising results, potential patients should understand the limits of the procedure. Even under the care of a skilled and experienced surgeon, a nose job cannot do the following:

  • Address red spots, blemishes, scarring, or other issues affecting the skin of the nose
  • Create a completely different nose that is better suited to another person
  • Improve breathing (to address breathing issues associated with a deviated septum; with this approach, patients must undergo a septoplasty to open up the nasal passages)

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Individuals dissatisfied with the size, shape, or appearance of their noses may benefit from the alterations that can be made during a rhinoplasty procedure. To learn more about nose job techniques and whether you are an ideal candidate for treatment, send a message to the Chicago Hair Institute at your earliest convenience.

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