7 Helpful Tips for Reducing Facelift Scars By Dr. Raymond Konior on May 18, 2020

Portrait of attractive blonde womanOne of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures for addressing signs of aging is a facelift. This treatment restores volume, improves contours, reduces deep lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenates your overall appearance. Dr. Sahar Nadimi, a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, IL, is an expert in facial cosmetic surgery and can offer helpful tips for reducing facelift scars. Here, our team at Chicago Hair Institute explores seven helpful recommendations for minimizing the appearance of scars after a facelift.

#1: Prioritize a Healthy Lifestyle

Being in good physical health enhances recovery after any surgery, including a facelift. Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, with plenty of vitamins and minerals, helps boost your immunity and promote healing. In addition, staying well hydrated helps increase levels of elastin and collagen. When the skin is more resilient and flexible, scar tissue is minimized.

#2: Understand Your Family History

Some individuals have a genetic predisposition to excessive scar tissue. If your parents or grandparents had this issue, you have a higher chance of developing it, too. If you have a family history of excessive scarring, talk to your surgeon before the procedure so all proper precautions can be taken to minimize scars.

#3: Consider Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a common cosmetic treatment that removes dead cells and smooths the surface of the skin. This procedure also evens out skin texture and improves tone, helping your scars blend in with the surrounding skin. Keep in mind that microdermabrasion can only be performed on healthy skin. Therefore, you will need to wait until post-operative healing is complete.

#4: Try Facial Massage

Massage alleviates stress and tension. But it also increases blood flow throughout the body to enhance healing. Facial massage has become a popular method of minimizing facelift scars. You should never massage incisions. However, once the initial recovery period is over, massage can be an effective way to reduce the appearance of scars. Talk to your surgeon about proper techniques.

#5: Alleviate Tension with Paper Tape

Paper tape is used to reduce tension around your new incisions. While stitches pull the skin together, the tape helps soothe and encourages any scar tissue to form flat against the skin. This can actually speed up recovery for some patients. Ultimately, using paper tape early in the healing process helps smooth and minimize scars later on.

#6: Use Vitamin E

It is no secret that Vitamin E is beneficial for the skin. If you have undergone a facelift, applying Vitamin E topically can keep the skin supple and resilient. In addition, taking the supplement orally can also give you an internal healing boost. Talk to your surgeon about when it is safe to start incorporating Vitamin E into your skincare regimen.

#7: Choose an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Most importantly, choose a skilled board-certified surgeon to perform your facelift, like Dr. Nadimi. Her extensive knowledge and expertise allow her to strategically place incisions so that scarring is minimized.

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