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Hair System and Hairline Surgery

People who are not good candidates for total surgical hair restoration can benefit from hair systems. 

The significant limitations of hair systems can be minimized by performing surgical follicular unit restoration along the hairline. 

Hair system wearers come to the Chicago Hair Institute in Chicago, IL, because we create natural-looking hairlines through surgery. 

A Truly Striking Hair Restoration Combination

Although hair restoration surgery can achieve remarkable results for many people with thinning hair, not everyone is a good candidate for complete surgical restoration. Some people with advanced patterns of baldness or thinning are more comfortable wearing a hair system. 

But there are significant limitations to most hair systems. The primary concern is an unnatural appearance along the frontal hairline.  Fortunately, follicular unit restoration along the hairline can be combined with a hair system to resolve this problem. This method uses a surgical plan that integrates transplanted hair precisely along the leading edge of the hair system in order to create a soft, natural-looking hairline.

How Follicular Unit Hair Restoration Works

Follicular unit restoration for the hairline can be performed for both men and women. These are some key steps our surgeons take when performing hairline surgery for patients with a hair system:

Identifying the Best Hair

Follicular unit restoration involves the surgical relocation of healthy hair from the back and sides of your head to your scalp and hairline. To identify the best hair to use for the hair transplant, our surgeons shave down the donor site and closely examine hair follicle paths.

Extraction & Preparation

Your surgeon will then harvest the chosen grafts by extracting them with a punch tool. They will then microscopically examine each and every follicle so they can group your stripped hair into a natural-looking formation during the hair transplant. 

Hairline Placement

Your surgeon will create tiny incisions in your hairline before precisely inserting the grouped hair into the incisions. Our surgeons make sure that your new hairline will blend into your existing hair system for a natural-looking result. 

See Our Transplant Results

The follicular unit/hair system integration method typically requires 2000-3000 follicular unit grafts per session, and can provide results like these:

Request Your Hairline Transplant

The fact that both of our hair transplant surgeons are also experts in facial plastic surgery can help you achieve results that exceed your expectations. Dr. Konior and Dr. Nadimi create natural-looking hairlines that seamlessly complement your hair system and your face.  

Patients from all over the world visit our Chicago, IL-area office in Oakbrook Terrace to transform their look and confidence. To take the next step towards better hair, you can complete the virtual consultation form, call us, or contact us by writing a message.

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A 5-Star Review  of Our Chicago Practice

"I just got an FUE hair transplant with them and I am very happy with how the procedure went. Dr. Nadimi Was great. She really took the time to go over the whole procedure, the pros and cons and answer any questions I had. Nothing felt rushed... If you are considering a transplant, I would recommend Chicago Hair Institute." Brandon Owen on Google Reviews

The Ideal Candidate For Hairline Surgery With a Hair System

The ideal candidate for this combination procedure is a mature individual who has been wearing a hair system (hair piece) for quite some time, enjoys wearing the system, and has come to the decision that he would like to continue wearing the system for life. During a detailed consultation at our Chicago-area office, we can carefully determine the best way to achieve your goals.

Lower Your Hairline, Lift Your Confidence

Dr. Sahar Nadimi explains the scope of hairline lowering surgery and answers some frequently asked hair restoration questions. She uses her precise skill to place hair grafts just below the natural hairline to reduce the size of the forehead. Patients who receive this surgery from Dr. Nadimi can experience a boost in confidence and quality of life.

About Scarring After a Hair Transplant

Many people experiencing hair loss are misled by deceptive advertisements that promise hair transplants that will be incision-free and completely scarless. These claims are not true.

All hair transplants involve the removal of a strip of skin or a hair follicle by punching it free with a round incising tool. Dr. Konior and Dr. Nadimi are surgeons who are always upfront with patients about the fact that our cutting-edge methods do leave some scarring.

However, our Chicago-area surgeons minimize visible scarring by using advanced techniques to hide scarring within the hairline as much as possible. The best way to get a sense of our skill in providing natural-looking hair restoration, we invite you to explore our gallery of patient results.

Dr. Nadimi checking patient's hairline

Another 5-Star Review For Our Chicago Hair Restoration Team

"The surgery I received was an FUT hair restoration, mainly of the front hairline, to cover an old scar, along with a few additional grafts in the crown region. My experience at the Chicago Hair Institute Clinic was A+++, and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone. Thank you." A J on Google Reviews
Dr. Raymond J. Konior, MD, FACS

Chicago Hair Institute

Dr. Raymond J. Konior and the team at the Chicago Hair Institute offer world-class treatment backed by over 30 years of expertise in the field of hair restoration. Our doctors are nationally affiliated with professional associations including:

  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

To learn more or to schedule an appointment at our Chicago, IL, hair restoration clinic, contact us online or call (630) 932-9690.

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