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FUE Hair Transplant

Hair loss can make you look older than your age, lower your confidence, and prompt you to wear hats or hairstyles that cover bald spots.

At the Chicago Hair Institute, our hair restoration surgeons perform follicular unit extraction, an advanced form of hair transplantation.

Find out why so many patients in Chicago, IL, are asking for FUE hair transplants over older methods of hair restoration.

A Brief History of the FUE Hair Transplantation Technique

Follicular unit extraction dates back to the late 1930s when a doctor in Japan developed the technique. Since then, FUE methodology has evolved significantly and is now an effective, popular choice for surgical hair transplantation.

Follicular units are hair follicles that contain one to four hairs. In an FUE hair transplant procedure, these units are extracted one at a time from the donor area. This procedure is very different from older hair transplant methods like elliptical strip harvesting, which removes an entire strip of skin that is then broken down into the individual follicular units. 

For patients who lack sufficient hair on the scalp for a donor site, FUE can also transplant body hair.

Follicular unit extraction was developed to avoid the scarring that typically accompanies elliptical strip harvesting. With FUE, the extraction sites heal with small, circular scars that are easier to conceal, especially for patients who prefer shorter hairstyles. This procedure has risen in popularity in recent years, especially among male patients. Both Dr. Raymond Konior and Dr. Sahar Nadimi have extensive training and experience in this hair transplantation technique.

We Use Handheld Tools  to Ensure Precision & Artistry

Grafts can be extracted manually, mechanically, or robotically with a .07 to 1.2-millimeter punch. While robotic extraction can speed up the process significantly, it does not always produce satisfactory results. Our doctor focuses on quality, so we prefer manual and specialized mechanical methods to achieve the best outcome. 

As cosmetic surgeons, we also have a unique understanding of how hairlines and hair placement relate to your facial features. This deep understanding of cosmetic surgery allows our doctors to create natural-looking hairlines and hair formations that complement your facial features, reverse hair loss, and produce life-changing results without linear scars.

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Hair loss can lower your self-confidence and conservative treatments such as over-the-counter sprays can leave you discouraged. If you are ready to experience permanent, natural-looking hair growth, schedule a virtual consultation at our Chicago, IL, practice today.

Men and women from all over the world visit Dr. Konior for their hair loss treatment. Unlike other hair restoration providers, Dr. Konior is:

  • Founder of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • A member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons since 1994
  • An authority on the subject who has authored several research papers

His careful technique, unique eye for detail, and proven results make Dr. Konior one of the top hair restoration surgeons in the world. He has also been voted a "Top Doctor in the Chicago Metro Area" for 17 consecutive years. To start your hair restoration journey, request your appointment online or call us:

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Dr. Konior
Dr. Konior is one of the top hair restoration surgeons in the world.

"The best decision I ever made."  Patients Praise Our Life-Changing Procedures

"After an initial consultation with Dr Konior way back in 2008, I knew it wasn't a matter of "if" but "when" I'd get hair transplant surgery. Dr Konior is World renowned as one of the best surgeons for hair transplant surgery, so it speaks VOLUMES that he would add an assistant to his office.

After coming back to consult with Dr Nadimi I admit I did not know anything about her. She was new to Dr Konior's office but in no way new to cosmetic surgery. I scheduled my surgery with her on March 2nd, 2017 and nearly four years later, I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. I had the traditional strip surgery and my full head of hair is the envy of many whom I've come across with male pattern baldness (the condition I had)."
Rich C., Yelp Reviewer

Impressive Results

receded hairline
Before This patient came to us with concerns
about a high hairline.
hairline restored with hair restoration
After FUE helped this patient achieve a fuller hairline with a natural look.

A Conservative Restorative Technique

Digital illustration of FUE
Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a type of grafting method in which individual follicular units are extracted one by one before being placed in the treatment area.

Ready to Undergo a Hair Transplant? Schedule a Consultation at Our Office

Dr. Konior uses the latest techniques at the Chicago Hair Institute to make hair transplantation safer, more comfortable, and more effective. He works alongside Dr. Sahar Nadimi, who specializes in hair restoration and complementary cosmetic procedures such as facelifts and injectable treatments. As cosmetic surgeons, the team personalizes each procedure to the patient to consistently produce completely natural-looking results.

When you come to see us for the first time, we will answer all of your questions about hair transplantation and show you how our expertise greatly increases your chances of success.

Want to find out if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant using follicular unit extraction? Request an appointment online or call the Chicago Hair Institute at: 

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Dr. Nadimi
Dr. Nadimi can provide complementary cosmetic procedures to help you achieve dramatic results.

"The whole experience is just top-notch."

"I would like to give the highest praise to Dr Sahar Nadimi and all of her staff. I was referred to Dr. Nadimi by a friend who saw her for a hair transplant and had excellent results. My friend's hair came out very natural-looking and full.

Everybody there is very warm and friendly and treats you like family, the office is very warmly inviting and clean, and the whole experience is just top-notch! If you are considering one of the services she provides, I hope you look into an appointment with her. You won't have to look anywhere else."
Cheryl Koby

​How Much Does FUE Cost?

a man making an online payment

Follicular unit extraction is a much more technical, time-consuming type of hair transplant, so it is generally more expensive than alternative methods of hair restoration. The price varies from patient to patient and will be shaped by your degree of hair loss, your hair growth goals, and your desired timeline. The best way to get an initial estimate is to schedule a virtual consultation with our Chicago team.

We Make Investing in Your Appearance Accessible

We know FUE is a considerable investment, but we want to make this advanced treatment available to anyone who is interested in it. We accept all major credit cards.

Wondering If You Qualify?

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If you are suffering from hair loss and are interested in our FUE treatment, we can determine whether you are a good candidate based on your needs, goals, and budget. We have several methods of surgical hair restoration available at our hair loss center, so we can recommend an option that truly works for you.

You can get started today by booking a virtual consultation.

Why wait? Safe, proven hair loss treatment is within your reach.

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Patients Love Their Results

"I recently had a procedure done with doctor Nadimi. Incredibly knowledgeable and makes sure you completely understand and are aware of what you want. Best experience ever. The staff is amazing. Karen is so helpful and answers all of your questions, my whole experience with doctor Nadimi and her team was fantastic!"
Sheems Mohideen

Preparing for Hair Transplantation

If you are interested in surgical hair restoration, you can start the process by completing a virtual consultation. From anywhere in the world, you can send pictures of your hair loss and goals for hair growth to Dr. Konior, allowing him to make an initial assessment. Because we are renowned for our hair restoration techniques, patients travel from all over the world to Chicago to receive our exceptional level of care.

Once you are approved for a hair transplant, you will need to take some time off work for your surgery. Because there is very little downtime associated with this technique, you shouldn't need to take more than a couple of days off.

What to Expect During the FUE Procedure

Every FUE hair transplant is unique. While some are performed during a single session, other patients require several sessions to reach their desired results. Each appointment typically lasts anywhere from three to eight hours depending on how many grafts are being transplanted. You can generally expect several steps during each session:
Every FUE hair transplant is unique to the patient's needs, goals, and budget.
Every FUE hair transplant is unique to the patient's needs, goals, and budget.


Prior to treatment, the donor site is shaved so the hair is two to three millimeters in length, allowing for closer examination of exit angles and direction of protruding hair follicles.


To ensure your comfort during the procedure, we will numb the treatment areas with a local anesthetic. Patients report that they feel little to no discomfort during the course of the treatment.


Dr. Konior uses a punch tool to harvest the grafts, following the paths of the hair shafts to avoid follicular transection. Transected, or damaged, follicular units are not viable for grafts. 


Each follicular unit is carefully examined under a microscope before it is prepared. We will group units according to how many hair follicles are in each one for a natural-looking formation.


Dr. Konior will create several tiny incisions in the areas that need to be restored. He will artfully insert the follicles into these incisions. When he is finished, he will clean the area and provide protective bandages.

What to Expect during Your Recovery

Unlike most other hair restoration methods, recovery from an FUE procedure is relatively quick. The procedure and recovery involve far less discomfort than other procedures as well. Because the donor area is shaved for the procedure, results are gradual and usually take about six months to become fully apparent. 

Some patients experience some tightness or itchiness on their scalp during their recovery, but these symptoms are temporary and should fade with time. They can also be lessened with over-the-counter pain medication.

Worried About Scarring From an FUE Procedure?

Follicular unit extraction is a highly customizable procedure that produces natural-looking results with minimal downtime. Although the procedure results in less visible scarring than other methods, scarring does still occur, even when the procedure is performed correctly by an expert such as Dr. Konior. Scars are circular and scattered throughout the donor site. When you work with our Chicago practice, you will experience an appropriate amount of scarring that is easily concealed, even with short hair.

Donor site after FUE

Natural-Looking Hairlines

thinning hair
hairline restored by hair restoration

Don't Wait Any Longer

"Dr. Nadimi is one of the most precise physicians I have met with... She is very informative, professional, and motivated. She thoroughly elaborated on all the question I had. The office staff is also very kind, yet professional, which allowed me to feel very welcomed. Something I always appreciate! I highly recommend Dr. Sahar Nadimi for all of your cosmetic desires!"
Stephanie D., 5-Star Yelp Review
Dr. Raymond J. Konior, MD, FACS

Chicago Hair Institute

Dr. Raymond J. Konior and the team at the Chicago Hair Institute offer world-class treatment backed by over 30 years of expertise in the field of hair restoration. Our doctors are nationally affiliated with professional associations including:

  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

To learn more or to schedule an appointment at our Chicago, IL, hair restoration clinic, contact us online or call (630) 932-9690.

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