Follicular Unit Preparation

The Key Components to Follicular Unit Graft Preparation

1. Donor Strip Slivering

2. Graft Isolation

3. Graft Sorting

4. Graft Storage


Follicular unit grafts are created using a highly refined, multi-component dissection process.

1.  Donor Strip Slivering
The first part of the dissection process is the slivering phase at which time the donor strip is meticulously divided using binocular microscopy.   Slivering creates thin sections of donor tissue that measure one follicular unit in width.  These slivers are produced in preparation for the follicular unit isolation phase.  The slivering technique maintains the integrity of the follicular units during their separation from the door strip and prevents transection of hair follicles that so commonly follows other donor strip dissection techniques.  

2.  Graft Isolation
Individual graft isolation follows next with a special team of technicians who dissect the follicular units from the microscopic slivered sections.  This phase is also carried out under high-power binocular microscopy to assure the creation of the most refined grafts possible. 

3.  Graft Sorting
The follicular units are then carefully separated and sorted under magnification according to the number of hairs that they contain.  Thousands of units are separated from one another into groupings of one, two, three and four hair follicular units.  

4.  Graft Storage
Once sorted, the final step of the process is assuring the health and viability each fragile graft.  Because the grafts are highly susceptible to drying and perishing, they are placed into a special solution that maintains hydration and slows metabolism.  The grafts are kept in this temperature-controlled, protective environment and removed only as they are needed for insertion into the graft site.


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