How Long Do Facelift Results Last? By Sahar Nadimi on May 12, 2023

woman with youthful facial skinMany people view aging as a rite of passage that comes with benefits such as wisdom and experience. Unfortunately, aging also has aesthetic effects that aren’t always as welcome. The facial skin is particularly prone to signs of aging since it is continually exposed to harsh environmental elements. 

At the Chicago Hair Institute, plastic surgeon Sahar Nadimi performs facelift surgery to address imperfections such as deep creases and sagging skin. A facelift allows our ChicagoIL, patients to revitalize their appearance and improve their confidence. When considering a facelift, it is natural to wonder, “How long do facelift results last?” Here we discuss typical facelift outcomes and offer tips for prolonging surgical results.

Are Facelift Results Permanent?

A facelift is a major surgical procedure, so many patients wonder if it is worth the time and effort to undergo treatment and recovery. Often our Chicago patients ask if facelift results are permanent. Technically speaking, the alterations made during a facelift procedure are permanent. However, the aesthetic results of a facelift diminish over time. 

A facelift addresses loose skin and sagging tissues and tightens underlying muscles to reverse signs of aging but it does not stop the aging process. As a person ages, collagen and facial fat loss continue and the skin becomes thinner, making wrinkles, creases, and sagging more likely. Fortunately, facelift results can last up to 20 years, significantly stalling the aesthetic effects of aging.

Factors that Affect Facelift Results

It’s not possible to tell our Chicago patients exactly how long facelift results will last because each situation is unique. The duration of facelift results depends predominantly on genetic factors. Patients with darker, healthier skin and those with greater skin elasticity and collagen stores tend to enjoy longer facelift results. 

In addition to genetic skin characteristics, the longevity of facelift results depends on factors such as:

  • The patient’s age at the time of treatment
  • Adherence to post-surgical care instructions
  • The facelift technique performed (did the surgeon treat underlying facial muscles or just the top layer of skin?)
  • Whether or not the patient undergoes additional cosmetic treatments (injectables, dermal fillers, eyebrow lift, eyelid surgery, etc.)
  • Lifestyle choices

Tips for Maintaining Facelift Results 

Nothing can be done to stop the aging process. However, there are steps patients can take to protect facial skin and prolong facelift results. We recommend the following tips for maintaining facelift results:

  • Carefully follow all post-surgical care instructions
  • Refrain from smoking and avoid excessive alcohol consumption
  • Follow a nutrient-rich diet
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Keep facial skin moisturized
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Limit time in the sun
  • When outdoors, protect facial skin with a UV-protectant sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat
  • Consider dermal fillers or injectables to treat minor wrinkles and enhance facelift results

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If deep creases and sagging skin are making you feel aged beyond your years, you may be an ideal facelift candidate. To learn more about the results a facelift can provide and how long they may last, send a message to the Chicago Hair Institute and request a consultation with plastic surgeon Sahar Nadimi. 

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