Can Brushing Too Often Cause Hair Loss? By Dr. Raymond Konior on May 18, 2019

Pulling out strands of hair with a hairbrushFor many men and women, losing hair is part of their genetic makeup. That said, there are numerous lifestyle and environmental factors that can cause people to lose hair. A poor diet can make hair brittle and more prone to falling out. Certain hairstyles can tug on the scalp, resulting in hair loss. Even brushing your hair too much can result in thinning and damaged hair.

Dr. Raymond J. Konior and Dr. Sahar Nadimi have helped countless people in the greater Chicago, IL area with advanced surgical hair loss treatment and restoration procedures. Right now, our institute for hair restoration would like to consider why brushing your hair too much is potentially a bad thing.

Brushing Is Good for Your Hair (Until It Isn’t)

First, we should note that brushing your hair and proper combing is good overall. If you’re using a good brush or comb and not being too aggressive, you can stimulate regular hair growth and a healthy head of hair.

There’s a question of how much is too much, however. If you overbrush your hair or brush at the wrong time, you can damage the hair strands themselves, do harm to your scalp, or even harm the hair follicle. All of these are negative overall for the health of your scalp and proper hair growth, which is why it’s important to follow the Chicago Hair Institute’s tips below for healthy grooming, styling, and hair care.

Be Gentle When Brushing and Styling Your Hair

First and foremost, it’s important that you be gentle whenever you’re combing or styling your hair. Avoid pulling or tugging when possible. Not only will this cause split ends and other kinds of hair damage, it can yank hair directly from your scalp.

Avoid Brushing When Your Hair Is Wet

Right after a shower, your hair is extremely sensitive to damage. Brushing your wet hair too much can lead to major hair damage. If you do have to brush or style your hair after a shower, be sure to use a detangled first, or use a comb with wide teeth to be as delicate on your hair as possible.

Avoid Excessive Blow Drying

Heat and hair can be a bad combination, which is why you have to be careful when using a blow dryer, curling iron, or any other heated styling product as you brush and style your hair. Try to use these items sparingly, and if you can, be sure to use low heat settings. Your hair will likely be healthier for it.

Be Careful with Hairspray and Gels

Hairspray and hair gel are great for keeping your hair properly styled and in place, but it’s important that you brush and comb these styling products into your hair when they are still moist. Brushing your hair with dried hairspray or hair gel can lead to broken hair strands and other kinds of hair damage.

Keep Hereditary Hair Loss in Mind

Even if you brush and comb your hair properly, you might still wind up experienced hair loss. This is because of male pattern baldness and natural hair thinning in women, which occur as people get older.

Bad brushing and combing practices can exacerbate the rate of hereditary hair loss, but the only way to address hereditary hair loss is to meet with a member of our team. Professional treatments can slow down the rate of hair loss and restore hair fullness. If anything, the above tips on brushing your hair will be helpful for keeping your restored hairline healthy and looking great.

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