Numbness after Surgical Hair Loss Treatment: What to Expect By Dr. Raymond Konior on January 28, 2019

A man examining his hairlineMany patients seeking surgical hair loss treatment at Chicago Hair Institute have questions about the surgical process and recovery period. We always try to answer any questions and address any concerns, as we know that hair loss and restoration can be an emotional journey.

Dr. Raymond Konior will keep you informed and comfortable throughout the treatment process. Many patients have questions about hair transplants and numbness. They want to know if they will lose sensitivity in the scalp, how long the numbness will it last, and if the sensation is normal.

Here, we answer these common questions. Read on to learn more about numbness after hair loss treatment at our Chicago, IL practice.

Will I Experience Numbness after Surgical Hair Loss Treatment?

Many patients experience some loss of feeling after surgical hair loss treatment. The good news is that with nearly every patient, it is a temporary sensation that will go away.

Numbness of the scalp, particularly in the area of the transplant or where the follicles were extracted, occurs to varying degrees. While some patients may experience complete numbness near the surgical site, others may experience slight numbness, accompanied by itchy, stinging, or tingling sensations.

While these feelings may seem reason for concern, they are actually a good sign: your nerves are healing properly. This means that once the recovery period is over, you should have nerve sensations restored in your scalp.

What Causes Numbness after Surgery?

Temporary numbness often occurs in the surgical or donor sites of the scalp because the transplant or extraction procedure interferes with or damages nerves near the surface of the skin. These superficial nerves allow you to feel different sensations on your skin, such as hot or cold temperatures, pressure, and pain. Most of the time, these nerves recover and heal with time, which is why feeling typically returns after a few weeks or months.

When Will I Stop Experiencing Numbness?

It is important to follow all post-procedural care instructions from Dr. Konior and our team to help your scalp heal. With proper care, the side effects of surgical hair loss treatment should dissipate within a few weeks to a couple months.

However, every patient’s recovery timeline is unique. While some patients may experience restored feeling as soon as two weeks after surgery, some patients may have to wait two to six months for numbness to fade. Do not immediately assume that permanent nerve damage has occurred.

Am I Guaranteed to Regain Feeling?

Unfortunately, Dr. Konior cannot guarantee permanent nerve sensory damage will not occur following surgical hair loss treatment. We make sure to educate patients on all the risks and benefits involved before treatment begins. Many of our patients believe that the rare risks involved with the process are worth the benefits of healthy, full hair.

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