Hair Systems vs. Hair Transplants: Toupees and Surgery Options By Dr. Raymond Konior on April 17, 2018

Wigs and toupees for hair lossIf you suffer from balding or some degree of hair loss, you might feel self-conscious about the way you look. This is natural since a full head of hair is more appealing and sign of both youth and vitality. While surgical hair loss treatment at our Chicago, IL is effective and popular, many patients wonder how surgery stacks up against the use of a more affordable hair system.

Let’s take a moment to compare the advantages of hair systems and hair restoration surgery. By noting some key benefits of each, you may start to understand why people are inclined to consider hair transplant surgery for optimal results.

What Does “Hair System” Mean?

A hair system refers to various kinds of wigs, toupees, and hairpieces that are custom-made for men and women. These custom hairpieces can vary in overall quality, but they work by masking the amount of hair loss that a patient has experienced.

Sophisticated hair systems are designed to simulate the natural look and texture of human hair, with a focus on color matching to the patient, hiding baldness along the edges of the remaining hairline, and creating a seamless overall effect.

The Advantages of Hair Systems

Comparing hair systems of hair restoration surgery, the primary advantage is savings. Specially crafted hairpieces are much more affordable than undergoing a full surgical hair transplant. There is no risk of infection, and complications are non-existent since there is no surgery involved. The hair system may require replacement, repair, or changes over time, however.

Many people who get hairpieces are satisfied with the results because they have realistic expectations about the overall nature of their treatment. To many people, good hair systems are unnoticeable unless you really know what you’re looking for.

How Hair Transplantation Works

During hair transplant surgery, follicles or a strip of follicles will be placed along the bald portion of the scalp. The follicles are taken from the back of the scalp, where hair still grows for the patients. These transplanted follicles will grow in the bald portions of the scalp.

After recovery and a few months of healing, the patient will experience hair growth along the scalp again, giving them a fuller head of hair that looks natural.

The Advantages of Hair Transplant Surgery

The primary advantage of hair transplant surgery is that patients will be able to grow their own hair again. There is no need to worry about maintaining or fixing or replacing a hairpiece over a long period of time. The hair follicles will continue to produce hair for years after the surgery.

The results of the hair restoration surgery are excellent and look completely natural. Even when people are up close, the surgery is not apparent. Any surgical scarring is carefully hidden thanks to expert technique and the latest advances in hair restoration.

Non-Surgical Options for Hair Restoration

If a patient is not interested in a hair system and would prefer to avoid surgical hair restoration, there are non-surgical options that can be discussed. We’re speaking, of course, about Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil). Keep in mind that the result of these two drugs to treat hair loss can vary, and they might not be an ideal option for people who suffered from certain kinds of hair loss.

Discuss Hair Loss Treatments with an Expert

If you are interested in a hair system or hair transplantation surgery, it’s important to take these matters over with an expert. We can provide an honest opinion about your treatment options, and even help give you some perspective about treatment results and outcomes.

Contact Chicago Hair Institute

To schedule that consultation with a hair restoration expert, and to learn more about all of your options to treat balding and hair thinning, be sure to contact Chicago Hair Institute today. We look forward to your visit and discussing these matters with you in much greater detail.

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