Advantages of a Virtual Hair Restoration Consultation By Dr. Raymond Konior on April 03, 2018

A man with a receding hairlineWhile countless people in the greater Chicago, IL area meet our hair restoration specialists in person, we’re pleased to offer people the chance to undergo a virtual consultation. Virtual consultations mean that a patient does not have to physically be at our office. It’s a means of having a hair restoration specialist remotely evaluate the extent of your hair loss and determine the ideal means of restoring your hairline.

In order for a virtual consultation to work, you’ll be asked to send several well-lit digital photos of your scalp. This will allow the hair restoration specialist to note your hair loss from different angles—the front, at 45 degree angles, from the sides, and from the back. You'll also be asked to provide information on any non-surgical hair loss treatments you’ve undergone in the past and your current hair restoration goals. This has several key advantages and benefits.

A Full View of Your Hair Density and Hairline

Thanks to the multiple digital photos of your scalp, a hair restoration doctor can really get a look at the nature of your hair loss. Noting different angles, the hair restoration specialist will be able to get a sense of what sort of treatment you will need as well as the extent of your balding.

No Need to Rearrange Your Schedule

A virtual consultation can be done without you having to come into the practice. That means little need to plan a consultation around work, family, or other obligations. Just send in photos, offer some additional information, and you’re set.

Saving You Time

Since you won’t need to take time off from work to show up in person, you’ll be saving yourself from valuable time. Sending in the photos and info for the virtual consultation doesn’t take long at all either.

Noting Your Goals for Hair Restoration

To keep the consultation personalized and tailored to your needs, you get to provide your own goals for hair restoration. This helps you express your unique needs and hopes with regard to this hair transplant procedure. By knowing what you’d like to achieve, our hair restoration team can determine an ideal method of restoring your hairline.

Discussing Previous Surgery or Use of Medications

If you have old hair plugs or used Propecia or Rogaine in the past, this can be mentioned in your virtual consultation. Let us know how a previous hair restoration treatment worked for you, or if it wasn’t a satisfactory experience. These details can help us while creating a treatment plan that meets your needs and takes into account previous hair restoration treatment.

A Technologically Advanced Approach to Hair Restoration

While in-person consultations are helpful, the use of this state of the art technology is a great initial means to assess your situation and provide our insight and expertise. This can also give you a better understanding of what treatment may involve.

Thanks to this advanced approach to hair transplantation and restoration, we feel like we can help more people in the Chicago area get the help they need. That’s why we do what we do.

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For more information about hair restoration treatment and how we can help you look your very best, be sure to contact the team at Chicago Hair Institute. We will help you achieve a fuller and more appealing hairline, and offer an honest assessment of your treatment options.

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