Natural Hairline Design Techniques: Achieving the Best Results By Dr. Raymond Konior on February 13, 2018

A man brushing through his hairHair transplant surgery has helped plenty of men who experience male pattern baldness. The procedure can also help women who go through varying degrees of hair loss and hair thinning. With proper hairline design, no one will notice that you've undergone surgery. They’ll think the transplanted hair is totally natural.

The team at our Chicago, IL hair restoration center would like to go over some of the common considerations that go into hairline design. As you’re about to learn, the process is carefully planned, taking into account a variety of factors that are unique to each patient.

Looking at Old Photos When You Had Hair

Old photos are one of the most important resources for hair restoration surgeons. Using these old photographs, a patient’s hairline can be recreated in the most natural manner possible. If there are multiple photographs that document the degree of gradual hair loss, these can also be helpful in hairline design.

Noting Your Age and How That Impacts Hairline

With age, some amount of hair thinning is natural. Even among people who have full heads of hair late in life, the hairline may thin out just a little bit. We’ll note your current age when creating your hairline, making sure the final results have the right amount of density where needed.

Noting Facial Aesthetics

Certain kinds of hairlines complement a person’s face better than others. Because of this, we need to keep your facial aesthetics in mind when designing your hairline. If anything, we may be able to improve on your natural hairline, allowing certain facial features to be more prominent.

Keeping Your Ethnicity in Mind

While note always the case, a person’s race or ethnic background could have some bearing on the shape of their hairline. Some hairlines may naturally curl upward, while others may slop downward; still others may be generally straight. Considering your hair quality and desired hairstyle will also help with these issues.

Determining a Starting Point for the Hairline

When it comes to creating a natural hairline, it’s important to figure out where the hairline should start. Too low on the scalp or too high on the scalp can look odd. We’ll carefully determine an optimal starting point when designing the surgical treatment.

Creating a Good Hairline Shape

As we noted above, some patients may experience better results with a rounded hairline rather than a straight hairline. The opposite is true as well. When the starting point of the hairlines determined, we can then consider how it is properly shaped.

Ensuring Natural Hairline Density

The density of a person’s natural hair can vary, and it’s important to simulate natural hair density and follicle distribution during surgery. Staggering transplanted follicles along the shape of the hairline can help create natural results. We’ll work carefully to avoid an off-putting plug-like look as well.

Noting the Angle of the Transplanted Hair

The individual follicles themselves can make a difference depending on what angle they’re pointing. To make sure your hair moves and combs in a natural manner, we’ll make sure the angle and position of each follicle is properly considered.

Learn More About Hair Restoration Surgery

For more information about hair restoration surgery and how it can help you look younger and experience greater self-confidence, be sure to contact Chicago Hair Institute. We look forward to your visit and discussing these matters in much greater detail.

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