Frontal Hairline Design: How Hair Restoration Specialists Work By Dr. Raymond Konior on January 02, 2018

An older man with a receding hairlineThe team at Chicago Hair Institute have helped countless patients overcome hair loss. Thanks to hair restoration surgery, a patient’s hairline can be restored and recreated with remarkable, natural-looking results. There are several important factors that are considered when it comes to proper hairline design. These factors include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race/ethnic background
  • Facial shape
  • Nature and extent of hair loss

Below are some additional concerns for hair transplant surgeons when planning and creating a patient’s hairline.

Consulting Photos of Patients Before Balding

Old photos of a patient before hair loss will be noted in order to get an idea of what the patient’s natural hairline was like. A few reference photos like this can be extremely helpful in creating natural results and generally recreating a person’s appearance.

Proper Hair Density

When creating the hairline, it’s important that the hair be packed densely, leaving little to no open spaces between the hair that leads to a thin appearance. The hair grafts themselves need to be staggered rather than distributed evenly in order to achieve the best results with regard to natural hairline aesthetics. Hair restorations specialists may focus more on the density of the frontal hairline rather than the crown of the patient's head for ideal results.

Position of the Hairline

Finding the right position for the hairline is also important. Placing the hairline too high or too low can lead to poor outcomes with regard to the overall treatment. The hairline may also seem more natural if it angles up or angles down. Hair restoration specialists need to be careful when making these kinds of choices. Consulting old photos and using the latest digital imaging software can help determine the ideal hairline position.

Shape of the Hairline

The curve and overall shape of a person’s hairline should ideally complement their face in order to achieve natural looking results that are also aesthetically pleasing. People who have wider faces tend to look better with wider hairline arcs, which people with narrow faces or facial features tend to look better with narrow hairline curves. It’s also important to ensure the hairline shape, while generally following a contour, is not completely straight.

Angle of the Hair Grafts

The angle of the individual hair grafts can make all the difference when it comes to natural looking results. If the hair grafts are poorly placed, the hair may seem to sprout in all directions. Carefully considering the angle of the hair in a given part of the scalp can help improve the overall results of the restoration procedure and make the hairline look totally natural.

Experience with Hair Restoration Matters

Given all of the factors and considerations listed, it’s important that you work with a highly skilled hair restoration specialist for your procedure. Their years of know-how will help with the design aspects of hair restoration as well as the particulars of the actual surgical procedure.

Learn More About Hair Restoration Treatment

For more information about hair restoration surgery and how it can help you look great and feel more confident about your appearance, contact an experience hair restoration specialist today. The team here at Chicago Hair Institute looks forward to your visit and discussing these issues with you in much greater detail.

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