Diminish Visible Scarring with Browlift Scar Repair By Dr. Raymond Konior on December 04, 2017

A browlift is intended to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance, but sometimes scarring can be so visible that it causes embarrassment and makes a person regret having had plastic surgery. At the Chicago Hair Institute, our doctors offer both browlift and facelift scar repair to mask scars along the hairline and help patients feel confident in their skin. Using ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation, it's possible to hide browlift scars in a variety of locations, whether across the forehead, in front of the hairline, or around the ears. To find out if browlift scar repair is right for you, please contact our Chicago, IL practice to schedule a consultation.

A woman revealing her hairline What Types of Browlift Scarring Can Be Repaired?

Although care is taken to hide browlift scars within the hairline, thinning hair or a poorly performed browlift can reveal scarring, making some patients feel very self-conscious. Browlift scars may be visible in a variety of areas depending on where incisions were made during surgery. Common areas of scarring include:

  • Across the length of the scalp, starting from the top one ear to the other
  • In front of or within the hairline
  • Short segments along the top of the scalp and at the temples of the forehead
  • Isolated segments at the temples, near the sideburns

These scars are often easily repaired with a cutting-edge hair transplant procedure called ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation. 

Ultra-refined Follicular Unit Transplantation for Browlift Scar Repair

Ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation is an advanced technique that uses smaller incisions than traditional follicular unit transplantation. Smaller incisions allow for transplanted hair to be more densely packed, which provides greater coverage for browlift scars along the hairline, as well as reducing recovery time. Ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation can achieve greater coverage due to the use of special microscopes that make it easier to remove excess skin and tissue precisely between hair follicles. 

When used to repair browlift scars, ultra-refined follicular transplantation may be performed across the forehead to create natural looking results and hide unsightly scarring beneath a fuller hairline. Browlift scars at the temples may also be masked and the sideburns restored with ultra-refined follicular transplants. By implanting follicular unit grafts directly into the area of scarring, it's possible to achieve a seamless appearance between the scarred tissue and surrounding skin. When repairing browlift scars, the doctors at the Chicago Hair Institute use their expertise and artistic eye to ensure the direction of grafts match the direction and angle of the existing hairline for natural-looking results.

Is Browlift Scar Repair Right for You?

Visible browlift scars can diminish the results of browlift surgery, leaving some feeling unhappy and insecure with their new appearance. Fortunately, many types of visible browlift scars can be addressed with browlift scar repair at the Chicago Hair Institute. To find out if you're a candidate for browlift scar repair, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors at your earliest convenience.

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