Hair Transplants and Bleeding: What Patients Should Know By Dr. Raymond Konior on May 04, 2017

A man checking his hairlinePatients who come to Chicago Hair Institute receive ample information on the risks and benefits of surgical hair loss treatment. By knowing the good and the bad of the hair restoration process, patients are able to have realistic expectations of what they go through.

Many of our patients have questions about post-operative bleeding after their hair restoration surgery. Let's take a moment to address these kinds of issues.

Bleeding After Hair Transplant Surgery

After undergoing hair transplant surgery, some bleeding is a normal side effect and part of the recovery process. The bleeding can occur in the donor site (the portion at the back of the scalp from which follicles were harvested) and the graft site (the portion of the scalp where follicular grafts were placed). The bleeding is only temporary and will eventually resolve on its own with proper post-operative care.

How Long Will the Bleeding Last?

For the vast majority of hair restoration patients, the bleeding after they undergo hair transplant surgery typically lasts about two weeks. By that point, the grafts and the donor area should have scabbed over as part of the healing process.

How Serious Is the Post-Surgical Bleeding?

The bleeding after hair transplant surgery is generally not that severe. Mild spotting and bleeding will occur, with less bleeding as healing occurs over time. Serious bleeding or bleeding that does not seem to abate with healing should be reported to the practice immediately as it may be the sign of a complication.

Tips to Reduce Bleeding After Hair Transplant Surgery

To help prevent major issues with bleeding or bleeding that lasts for longer than two weeks, keep the following post-op advice in mind:

  • Proper Cleaning and Care – After your hair transplant surgery, you will receive instructions for proper cleaning and care of the grafts and the donor site. Follow these instructions to the letter.

  • Focus on Rest After Surgery – Getting rest in the first days after hair restoration surgery helps your body recover faster and better. Be sure to take it easy and relax for about a day or two after your surgery before returning to work and normal job duties.

  • Avoid Strenuous Physical Activity – Strenuous physical activities such as heavy lifting and major cardiovascular activities need to be avoided as much as possible in the early days of healing. This helps with proper recovery and allows the donor area and grafts to fully heal. If your job involves strenuous labor, be sure to take some additional time off.

  • Avoid Aspirin Products – Aspirin products thin the blood, which makes scabbing and recovery more of an issue. Be sure to avoid aspirin products after restoration surgery until your surgeon advises otherwise.

  • Avoid Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages – Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products have a negative impact on recovery times and overall healing progress.

  • Do NOT Pick at Scabs – The scabs that form on the scalp will help with proper recovery. Do not pick the scabs or disturb them.

What Should I Do If Bleeding Persists?

If bleeding persists after two weeks, be sure get in touch with your hair restoration surgeon for further instructions. They will be able to determine the ideal course of action for these matters.

Learn More About Hair Transplant Surgery

For more information about hair transplant surgery and how it can help you have a full and healthy head of hair, be sure to contact our team of experienced hair restoration specialists today. The team at Chicago Hair Institute will work with you to help ensure a healthy and beautiful head of hair.

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