Cosmetic Procedures and Female Hair Restoration By Dr. Raymond Konior on January 18, 2017

A woman smiling after undergoing female hair restorationAt Chicago Hair Institute, Dr. Sahar Nadimi offers a variety of hair restoration options for women. Surgical hair restoration can be performed for women who have naturally high hairlines and want to improve their facial aesthetics, as well as for women who have lost hair for any number of reasons and are in need of an effective, permanent hair loss treatment. Dr. Nadimi evaluates each woman’s unique condition and then sits down with her to discuss her hair restoration options and goals.

In discussing cosmetic procedures and female hair restoration during consultations at his Chicago, IL hair loss clinic, Dr. Nadimi takes the time to answer questions and address concerns so that patients can make informed, confident decisions about how to proceed. If patients decide to commit to hair transplant surgery, she walks them through the procedure in detail so that they know precisely what to expect before, during, and after the surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about female hair restoration, we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Nadimi at Chicago Hair Institute today.

Candidacy for Female Hair Restoration

Among the best candidates for female hair restoration are those who have naturally high hairlines and wish to undergo hair transplant surgery as a strictly cosmetic procedure (as opposed to undergoing the procedure to correct hair loss). Dr. Nadimi can create a new, natural-looking hairline that extends lower down onto the forehead, causing the brow to look more proportional with the rest of the face and creating the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Unless these patients begin to experience age-related recession in their natural hairline at a later point, the results are permanent. If age-related hairline recession does occur, it is relatively easy to treat through further hair transplant surgery.

Among women who have suffered some degree of hair loss, the best candidates for hair transplant surgery include those with:

  • Age-related hairline recession
  • Hair loss due to traction  (tight braids, weaves, extensions)
  • Hair loss related to facial plastic surgery (e.g., facelift surgery, brow lift surgery)
  • Hair loss due to chemical damage (e.g., from perms), trauma, or infection

Like women with naturally high hairlines, women who have lost hair due to these factors usually have good reserves of hair in the donor region to use in hair transplant surgery. Their hair loss is predictable and will not generally affect the donor region. On the contrary, women with diffuse or progressive hair loss often experience loss of hair in unpredictable patterns; therefore, surgical hair restoration may not be an effective solution to their hair loss.

Dr. Nadimi is careful to evaluate each patient to determine the approach to hair restoration that is likely to yield the best possible results in her specific case.

Learn More about Cosmetic Procedures and Female Hair Restoration

To learn more about cosmetic procedures and female hair restoration, or to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Nadimi, please contact Chicago hair Institute today.

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