Hair Regrowth After FUE: A Timeline By Dr. Raymond Konior on January 06, 2017

A man examining his hairlineThe team at Chicago Hair Institute has helped countless patients achieve a full and natural head of hair using the latest in hair transplant techniques. Among these is follicular unit extraction (FUE), which harvests follicles from a donor site so they can be placed along the bald portion of the scalp and grow there naturally.

The results of FUE can be quite dramatic, though it can take time for the final results of the hair transplant surgery to be apparent. With that in mind, let's consider this timeline for FUE hair growth and results.

The First Week After the Hair Transplant Surgery

In the first week after hair transplant surgery, patients will typically experience soreness, redness, and swelling of the scalp. It's not uncommon for crusts to appear around the transplanted follicles. There are special instructions that patients should follow regarding these crusts and post-op care of the transplants.

By the end of the first week or week and a half, crusting and redness should be over with and patients will have hair that's short, resembling a crew cut.

The Next Two to Three Weeks After Surgery

At the two-week or three-week point, patients may notice that the hair that was transplanted will shed. This is normal and nothing to be alarmed about; it's all a natural phase of hair growth that follicles experience. While the hair is gone, the follicle itself is healthy and will cycle back into a growth phase in several weeks.

Growth and Recovery by Month Two

The transplanted hair will still be in a resting phase, which is normal. At this point after FUE, patients typically look like they did before they underwent surgery. Again, this is normal. Patients should continue to follow their hair surgeon's post-op instructions, and attend follow-up visits as scheduled.

Growth and Recovery by Month Four

By the end of four months, patients should notice new hair growing from the transplanted follicles. In fact, the hair may start showing up around the two-month mark from some patients since healing times and experiences can vary.

Keep in mind that the hair grown at this time may be thin, and that this thinness is not indicative of the long-term results of FUE.

Growth and Recovery by Month Nine

By the nine-month mark, patients should notice improved thickness and length of the new hair. It will be possible to groom and style this new hair quite nicely. As before, follow-up visits with your surgeon should be attended as scheduled.

FUE Results by the End of One Year

By the end of the first year, patients will have achieved about 80% of the growth of any transplanted hairs. The thickness should be improved by this time as well. A number of patients will notice some curvature of the hair, which is normal and the result of micro-scarring along the scalp. This issue should resolve over the course of the next several months.

FUE Results by the End of Two Years

By the end of two years, patients should experience the final results of their hair transplant surgery. The full thickness and density of hair will have been achieved, and all of the follicles should be yielding hair by this point.

Learn More About Hair Restoration Surgery

To learn more about hair transplant surgery and how it can help you have a full and beautiful head of hair, be sure to contact an experienced hair restoration specialist today. The team here at Chicago Hair Institute looks forward to your visit and helping you understand all of your treatment options.

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