Benefits of the Stick-and-Place Hair Transplant Technique By Dr. Raymond Konior on November 08, 2016

A hair transplant patient running his hand through his hair after undergoing surgery using the stick-and-place techniqueOver the years, hair transplant techniques have evolved to the point that hair restoration can be more readily customized to the unique needs of individual patients than ever before. One of the more intriguing modern techniques is the stick-and-place hair transplant method. For qualified candidates, the stick-and-place technique can yield exceptionally natural-looking results in addition to other benefits.

Dr. Raymond J. Konior details stick-and-place technique benefits during consultations at his Chicago, IL hair loss clinic when speaking with patients who are potentially good candidates for the procedure. To find out whether you could benefit from the stick-and-place hair transplant technique, we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Raymond Konior at Chicago Hair Institute today.

What Is the Stick-and-Place Technique?

When most hair transplant surgeons perform hair restoration surgery, they first go through the existing hair on the patient’s head and create the openings into which the hair grafts will be implanted. The hair grafts are then implanted by a technician. Because the skin of the scalp is extremely elastic, it begins to shrink virtually as soon as the openings are made. To counteract this effect, surgeons create openings larger than the grafts actually require. By the time the grafts are actually placed, the openings are approximately the correct size. Ultimately, this limits the number of grafts that can be implanted per square centimeter.

With the stick-and-place technique, there is no need to create openings larger than the grafts require because the grafts are placed as the openings are made. Therefore, the skin does not have an opportunity to shrink.

What Are the Benefits of the Stick-and-Place Technique?

Because Dr. Konior places hair grafts immediately after creating openings using the stick-and-place technique, he is able to create smaller incisions than most surgeons would using conventional techniques. This approach offers a variety of unique benefits, including:

  • Less trauma to the skin: Any time a surgeon makes an incision in the skin, the skin experiences trauma. The smaller the incision, the less the trauma. This in turn minimizes scarring, promotes faster healing, and reduces the risk of complications.
  • More natural results: The smaller openings allow for more grafts to be implanted per square centimeter. This results in a more naturally dense head of hair.
  • Healthier blood supply to nearby existing hair follicles: The larger incisions used in conventional hair transplant surgery pose a greater risk of interfering with the blood supply to the existing hair follicles, which can cause a patient’s current hair to be lost. This risk is minimized using the stick-and-place technique.
  • No risk of leaving openings unfilled: Because Dr. Konior implants hair grafts as he creates openings, there is no risk of an opening inadvertently going unfilled, or of a single opening being filled with multiple hair grafts.

Learn More about the Benefits of the Stick-and-Place Hair Transplant Technique

To learn more about the benefits of the stick-and-place hair transplant technique, or to find out whether you are a good candidate for this technique, please contact Chicago Hair Institute today.

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