Conservative Transplants or Megasession Surgery: Weighing Your Options By on July 05, 2016

A man's thinning and receding hairlineWhen it comes to the most ideal hair restoration results, many times there's a question of density. How much hair is right for me, and how many sessions of transplants may be necessary to achieve that? Here at Chicago Hair Institute, we take these matters quite seriously and always strive to give our patients the answers to questions such as those. Custom and state-of-the-art hair loss treatment yields the best results, and we'd like to think that's precisely what we offer ever person who visits the practice.

Right now, we'd like to contrast and compare conservative hair restoration procedures with megasessions, which offer a more robust approach to hair restoration when a patient's case warrants it. There's a big difference in these two approaches, but the end goal of a great head of hair is the same.

How Many Hair Grafts Are Typically Placed During a Session?

In many cases, a typical hair restoration procedure will involve the placement of about 2,000 grafts, give or take, which will really depend on the nature of the hair loss, the extent of the hair loss, and the portions of the scalp that are exposed.

How Many Hair Grafts Are Placed During a Conservative Hair Procedure?

When working conservatively, the numbers can be much lower, with as few as 800 to 1,000 hair grafts placed to address balding and hair thinning. In essence, less than 2,000 grafts may be considered conservative, though obviously this varies.

What Is a Megasession?

A megasession for hair restoration surgery typically involves the placement of 3,500 to 5,000 hair grafts, essentially doubling the number placed in a traditional hair restoration. Megasessions are ideal for patients with substantial hair loss, as this is the only way to rebuild the hairline and mask the signs of balding.

When Is Conservative Hair Restoration Recommended?

Conservative hair restoration approaches are ideal for patients who have experienced noticeable but relatively limited balding and hair loss. Typically this will mean some degree of thinning and hair loss at the front of the hairline as well as some hair loss on the crown. Conservative hair transplant surgeries will take less time than most traditional hair restoration procedures since there are fewer grafts to place.

When Is a Megasession Hair Surgery Recommended?

Megasessions, as you can imagine, are most ideal for patients who are missing a lot of hair and have experienced serious issues with male pattern baldness. While a megasession is much longer than a traditional hair transplant session and requires great expertise to perform, undergoing a megasession will reduce the need for additional hair transplant surgeries. Great results and a natural appearance can be achieved thanks to a single megasession.

Tailoring Treatments to the Needs of Patients

As we noted above, customized care and state-of-the-art approaches are the best way to achieve optimal results. That's why we always tailor a hair restoration surgery to a person's needs. During a consultation at the practice, we can determine what method of hair restoration might be best for your situation.

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To learn more about megasessions and other options for hair restoration, be sure to contact our team of hair restoration experts today. The team at Chicago Hair Institute is here to help you look your best and have a head of hair that looks natural.

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