Major Restoration: Hair Transplant Megasession Benefits By on May 17, 2016

An older man smilingDr. Raymond Konior is a leading hair restoration specialist who proudly serves the greater Chicago area. He offers expert hair restoration surgery tailored to patient needs, including Megasessions for multiple hair grafts.

Some patients may benefit from Megasessions more than traditional hair restoration. Let's consider the ideal candidates right now and the advantages of the approach.

What Is a Megasession?

A Megasession refers to a hair restoration session in which a lot of hair is placed all at once rather than incrementally in multiple sessions. In many cases, a Megasession will involve the placement of 3,000 or more hair grafts. A typical Megasession can involve upwards of 3,000 to 5,000 grafts.

Ideal Candidates for Megasessions

Ideal candidates for Megasession hair restoration are people who experience a high degree of balding and hair loss. They should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the hair transplant process and what can be achieved.

During the consultation process, we will be sure to cover the Megasession process and how it is carefully tailored to the patient's needs.

Results Come More Immediately

One of the major benefits of Megasessions is that patients are able to achieve excellent results sooner rather than later. Placing many grafts at once and helping patients heal means patients will get to experience a full head of hair in less time, with excellent results achievable.

Saving Time for Patients by Avoiding Multiple Visits

Another major benefit of Megasession is that it saves patients time. With a Megasession, an entire hair restoration procedure can be completed in one visit. There is no need for patients to come back for multiple sessions to add grafts. In other words, patients can just take a day off and have everything done at once rather than taking a day off here and a day off there.

Potential Reduction in Treatment Cost

With a single hair restoration session rather than many sessions, the Megasession procedure can actually wind up costing patients less than a traditional hair restoration process. The overall cost of the Megasession can be discussed during your consultation, as can the cost comparison between traditional hair restoration and Megasession treatment.

Excellent Megasession Results

Another benefit that we have to consider is that Megasessions yield excellent overall results, with patients reporting high levels of satisfaction from treatment. This may be due to the relative rarity of Megasessions, and the skill required from hair restoration specialists to properly perform these procedures. Given the combination of skill and expertise, the overall results of the transplant can be quite extraordinary.

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For more information about hair restoration and how it can help you have a full and beautiful head of hair, be sure to contact our hair restoration practice today. Dr. Raymond Konior and his team will help you achieve excellent results.

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