Determining the Number of Grafts Needed for a Successful Hair Transplant By on May 03, 2016

Illustration of the hair folliclesThinning hair is a common problem among males and females. Typically, balding patterns begin to develop as patients reach middle age, but some may notice the hair begin to thin and fall out much sooner. Even in younger patients, hair loss can contribute to a more aged appearance. Rather than sit by and watch all of their hair fall out, many individuals opt to address this condition with surgical hair loss treatment to restore fullness and volume to the hairline. Hair transplants can provide significant results and make a person look younger and feel more confident. One important consideration in achieving a patient’s desired results is how many grafts will be transferred. We are happy to discuss hair transplants and the ideal number of grafts with our Chicago, IL patients.

How Many Hair Grafts Will I Need?

Hair transplant surgery is a highly personalized procedure. In order to allow patients to achieve the results they desire, it is important to consider the pattern of baldness that is present, how hair loss has progressed, and what additional hair loss should be anticipated. It is common for our doctors to refer to the Norwood Classification system of hair loss to assign each patient a specific category of hair loss. Based on this category, we can determine the number of hair grafts that may be necessary to restore fullness and volume to the hairline. The number of grafts that are needed for each patient varies greatly; some patients require around 1,500 hair grafts in order to achieve what we consider to be complete hair restoration, and other patients need upwards of 5,000 grafts.

Because each situation is unique, the best way to determine how many hair grafts will be required for a successful hair transplant is to consult with one of the experienced doctors at the Chicago Hair Institute. Our doctors are happy to examine the scalp, discuss each patient’s specific case of pattern baldness, and how their hair loss needs can be treated. Our doctors can also recommend how many hair grafts will likely be needed to achieve optimal restoration results.

How Many Transplant Procedures Will I Need?

Hair transplant surgery is customized to the specific needs of each patient, so a consultation is required to discuss the treatment plan. However, to add volume and fullness to the hairline in the shortest amount of time possible, we do our best to limit the number of hair transplant sessions. Ideally, we will transplant a significant number of grafts in a single session in order to quickly improve the condition of the hair. Our doctors even offer megasessions, which allow us to transplant up to five times more follicular units than other surgeons typically transplant in a single session. A year after this initial hair transplant, patients may consider a second transplant session to increase the density of the transplant area, define the hair line, and address any hair loss that may have occurred since the initial transplant.

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If you are experiencing hair loss and would like to add volume and definition to your hairline, hair transplant surgery may be your best treatment option. At the Chicago Hair Institute our doctors offer a number of surgical hair loss treatments that can restore thickness to your hair and give you a renewed sense of confidence. To learn more about these techniques, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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