Hair Restorations as an Option for Facelift and Brow Lift Scar Repair By on August 06, 2015

A man looking at his harline in the mirrorDr. Raymond Konior is one of the leading hair restoration experts serving the greater Chicago area. Though he often uses his skills in order to address male pattern baldness and hair thinning, he can also use his skills to address other kinds of aesthetic issues, such as hair loss due to serious injuries or burns.

For instance, facelift scar repair can be achieved through hair transplant surgery. Let's take a moment to consider these matters right now.

Issues with Scarring from Facelift Surgery

A poorly performed facelift can lead to visible scarring around the side of the face as well as the area behind the ears. These incisions are essential to adjust and reshape the contours of the face, and while they are meant to remain hidden after a patient has healed, there are times when bad surgical technique or surgical errors can make these scars rather visible.

Issues with Scarring from Brow Lift Surgery

Similar to the poorly performed facelift scenario noted above, a bad brow lift procedure can lead to a number of visible scars along the edges of the hairline. Since the incisions are made around the widows peak area and the edges of the forehead, these kinds of scars can be quite off-putting if they are noticeable.

Changes to Natural-Looking Hairline Due to Facial Plastic Surgery

Scars aren't just the only issue to consider when it comes to poor surgical results. The skin of the face is pulled tighter in order to make wrinkles disappear, but in the process, this can warp the hairline, giving it an unnatural shape. This poor shape to the hairline can cause scars to be more visible or simply be an aesthetic problem in and of itself.

Ideal Candidates for Scar Revision and Concealment

The ideal candidates for scar revision treatment are people who have had poor surgical results after a facial lift procedure and regular hair growth otherwise. They should know the risks and benefits involved with hair transplant surgery, which in turn results in a better patient satisfaction and a less problematic healing process.

How Hair Restoration for Scar Revision Works

To conceal the scars left behind following a facelift or brow lift, a hair transplant will be performed. This will involve taking follicular units from a donor area of the head (typically the back of the head) and placing these follicular units along the area with the scar. This is also done along the edge of the hairline to build it out and create a more natural shape.

The Results of Scar Revision and Hiding Treatment

The results of this scar revision treatment are quite good. Since natural hair grows where the follicular units are transplanted, the hairline looks just as natural as your real hair, with proper overall distribution and density. Patients who undergo the scar revision procedure typically have a high level of satisfaction with the overall end results.

Learn More About Scar Repair at Chicago Hair Institute

If you would like to learn more about scar repair options following facial plastic surgery, it's important that you contact an experienced hair transplant surgery specialist today. Dr. Raymond Konior and the entire team at the practice looks forward to your visit and helping you make smart choices about hair restoration and transplantation.

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