Can a Naturally High Hairline Be Surgically Lowered? By on June 17, 2015

A woman examining her hairline with her smartphoneWe at the Chicago Hair Institute offer advanced surgical hair loss treatment that helps create beautiful and natural results. While many people think of hair restoration as a means of treating baldness, there are many applications for hair restoration, including cosmetic ones.

With that in mind, let's turn our attention to options for reducing the prominence of the forehead and lowering a naturally high hairline.

Aesthetic Issues Causes By Prominent Foreheads and High Hairlines

When a person has a very high forehead, it can cause a number of issues with overall facial appearance. Faces may seem elongated, and too much emphasis or attention may be focused on a person's forehead rather than the rest of his or her face.

Both men and women experience these issues and often turn to cosmetic surgeons or hair transplant specialists to help them with their needs. There are two options to consider for these matters:

  • Hairline Advancement Surgery
  • Hair Transplant Surgery

Let's consider both of these options individually right now.

Hairline Advancement Surgery to Lower the Hairline

Hairline advancement surgery is a procedure that can lower the hairline by up to 2 inches. During the surgery, a small strip of the forehead skin toward the top of the hairline is removed. The skin of the forehead to pulled tight and sutured together to the bottom of the person's hairline, reducing the prominence of the forehead in the process.

Benefits of Hairline Advancement Surgery

Hairline advancement surgery yields excellent results, with the incision and scarring hidden seamlessly at the front of the patient's hairline so it is not visible to others. Patients may or may not be ideal candidates for the procedure if they have issues with major scarring, though this can be determined during the consultation process.

Hair Transplant Surgery to Lower the Hairline

Hair transplant surgery can be used to help build out the hairline, creating a lower hairline in the process and reducing prominence of the forehead. The donor grafts are taken from the back of the head. This allows patients to have healthy hair along the new hairline that grows naturally and looks great.

Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery for advancing the hairline means that there is no long incision made along the upper portion of the forehead. This means less scarring and fewer potential problems with scarring. Hair transplant is often the best option for men with pattern baldness or a potential for pattern baldness since it will allow them to have a fuller hairline up front without risking the exposure of a forehead scar as a result of future hair loss.

Which option would be best for me?

Each patient's needs are different, and as we have noted, the two options for lowering the hairline and advancing the hairline have different uses. In general, men with pattern baldness are more likely to benefit from hair transplant surgery. Women who would like to lower their hairlines may consider either hairline advancement or hair transplantation depending on their needs.

Learn More About Your Options at Chicago Hair Institute

For more information about your options for hair restoration surgery, be sure to contact our hair restoration center today. The team here at the Chicago Hair Institute will work closely with you to ensure the best hair transplant surgery results possible.

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