How Genetics Affects Male Pattern Baldness By on April 18, 2015

Middle-aged man with full, thick hairHair loss is a condition that most men expect to experience at some point. Hair loss affects each individual patient in a unique way, but the commonality of hair loss is that it can greatly affect a person’s self-esteem and often makes a person feel like they look old and unattractive. The truth is that hair loss can happen at any time, and it is actually quite common for male pattern baldness to begin as early as a patient’s 20s. This is because male pattern baldness and genetics are closely linked. While other factors can contribute to male pattern baldness, in most cases, genetics play a large role in determining if or when hair loss will begin, and even how hair loss will affect an individual. By understanding male pattern baldness and its genetic link, Dr. Raymond Konior and his team of doctors at Chicago Hair Institute can best address hair loss in order to offer patients effective solutions. To learn more about male pattern baldness and genetics, contact our Chicago practice today.

Is Male Pattern Baldness a Genetic Condition?

In large part, male pattern baldness has been shown to be a genetic condition. However, there are some myths and misunderstandings in regards to how genetics affects male pattern baldness. The first is that most people are led to believe that male pattern baldness is passed down through their mother’s side of the family. It is true that the X chromosome (which is passed down by the mother) does carry the primary gene that affects baldness. However, the male side of a persons’ lineage can also play a role in baldness, though to a lesser degree than the mother. If a patient has a bald father, he is more likely to experience hair loss than someone whose father does not show signs of male pattern baldness.

Another myth regarding genetics and male pattern baldness is that genetics is the only factor that contributes to hair loss. While genetics is the most common cause of male pattern baldness, hair loss can be caused by a number of circumstances. Some of the other causes of hair loss include emotional trauma, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid conditions, and certain types of hairstyles.

Finally, it is a common belief that male pattern baldness can be avoided by the use of certain medications or topical treatments. While these treatments may be useful in slowing down hair loss or even temporarily halting the condition, if a person is genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness, the condition will eventually take hold and the patient will require a more intensive hair loss solution, such as a surgical hair loss treatment.

Treatment Options

Although a person’s genetics cannot be changed, Dr. Konior does offer patients a solution for male pattern baldness in the form of hair loss surgery. Dr. Konior can perform a hair transplant procedure using either the strip method (FUT), or the follicular unit method (FUE). Both techniques have proven highly successful for patients and Dr. Konior is happy to discuss each of these procedures in greater detail.

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While a person cannot avoid their genetic predisposition to male pattern baldness that does not mean that they have to live with the results. Dr. Raymond Konior offers effective solutions that allow patients to restore a full head of hair. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our hair loss solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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