Who Can Benefit from the Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant Technique? By on June 20, 2014

A man pulling back hair to show site of hair transplantAs a doctor who has been performing hair transplant surgery for over 20 years, Dr. Raymond Konior is very selective in who he will perform surgery for. Dr. Konior prioritizes patient satisfaction and he understands that this satisfaction will not be achieved unless the procedure that is performed is the best one for meeting each patient’s individual needs and desires. For these reasons, he is extremely selective in his surgical candidacy. Follicular unit extraction, a hair transplant procedure that involves the relocation of individual follicular units, is one procedure that is highly requested by our patients. While this technique carries many benefits for those of our Chicago patients who are follicular unit extraction candidates, it is not the right procedure for everyone.

Am I a Candidate?

Follicular unit extraction is a hair transplant technique that transplants individual groups of hair follicles (typically one to four hairs) rather than an entire strip of hair. Although this is a precise surgical method that actually takes longer to perform than the strip method, it does involve a faster recovery, which is considered a benefit by many patients. Although recovery time is one consideration when determining a hair transplantation method, there are many other important factors to be considered. Dr. Konior is very thorough in discussing each patient’s needs and desires for the hair line, the feelings they have about the current state of the hair, and the results that are expected from surgery. This helps Dr. Konior determine the hair loss treatment that is best suited for each individual patient.

Patients who may be ideal candidates for follicular unit extraction include the following:

  • Those who require a quick return to work: Because recovery from follicular unit extraction typically takes about a week, it is a good option for patients who require a quick return to work or other duties.
  • Those with limited donor sites: Instead of taking an entire strip of hair, follicular unit extraction uses small diameter punches to remove individual follicular units. This is ideal when a patient has a small donor site from which to extract hair follicles.
  • Those with a tight scalp: If the scalp has minimal laxity, using the small diameter punches to extract donor follicles is likely the best treatment option.
  • Patients with scarring from a past procedure: If a patient wishes to conceal a scar from a past procedure or repair the work of a previous transplant, it is easier to address these concerns with the precision of follicular unit extraction.
  • Those willing to wear the hair short: Because the punches used are so small, there is a bigger chance of damaging hair follicles. In order to increase visibility and avoid the risk of damage, the donor site should be shaved before extraction. Even once the transplant has taken place, it is best for patients to wear the hear short, as it will easier camouflage any scarring.

In addition to the above criteria, follicular unit extraction is best suited for those who do not require the transplantation of thousands of grafts. With all things considered, for those who are candidates, follicular unit extraction can effectively fill in thinning hair and have patients back to their normal routines within about a week, a great benefit to many of our patients.

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There are many hair loss treatments for patients to consider. Even if one is not right for you, there is likely to be another that can effectively meet your needs and goals. Contact us to discuss treatment options and learn how you can achieve the hair line you desire. Dr. Raymond Konior looks forward to working with you!

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